T-Ball Rules


  • All children shall play the entire game, in the field and at bat. 
  • Each game will be 45 minutes. 
  • All games must start and end promptly at the scheduled time. 
  • A Prayer will be said before each game begins. 


  • Every player shall batt until they hit the ball. Once the ball is hit, the batter will run to 1st base and stop.
  • The ball must travel at least 8 feet from the Tee in fair territory.
  • The last batter in the line-up will hit a grand slam. Thus, clearing the bases and the teams will switch sides.
  • Instruct players to drop the bat after hitting the ball! Keep other players a sufficient distance away from home plate. 
  • There is no penalty for batting out of turn.
  • Any player arriving after a game has begun should be inserted in the batting order in the last position.


  • The team at bat will continue to advance the runner one base per hit. 
  • No leading or stealing the bases. Run only upon a hit.
  • Runners may not advance to the next base on any over-throws. 
  • Sliding is not permitted. 


  • Defensive positions include: 1st Base, 2nd Base, Shortstop, 3rd Base, Left-field, Left-center, Right-center, Right-field and Pitcher. 
  • Wooden bats are not allowed. T-ball bats will be provided. 
  • All players are required to wear some type of baseball cap. The league will not provide ball caps. 
  • League will provide batting helmets for each team.
  • Sneakers or molded rubber cleats may be worn. No metal spikes. 
  • No player may wear any time of metal objects or jewelry. 


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