Men's and Women's Softball League

2021 BY-LAWS

  1. Play will be governed by the 2018 USA Official Rule Book & Westover Hills Bi-Laws.
  2. Ball will be ASA, Cor .52 with 300 Comp. Ball must be yellow in color with red stitching. Women's ASA, Cor. .44, 375 Comp. (Teams are responsible to supply their own Softballs. All softballs to be inspected by umpire.)
  3. Maximum players on team roster will be limited to 17 players. (No additional players allowed to be added after roster is submitted. Rosters frozen after 3rd game of season. (NO EXCEPTIONS.)
  4. All players MUST play in a minimum of 2 games to be eligible for tournament play.
  5. Home team will be determined by scheduled set. (Home team is 2nd team listed.) Home team will designate someone to pray before the game begins. A prayer before each game is a MUST.
  6. Teams will be allowed to start the game w/ a minimum of 8 players w/o ghost outs. (Teams may pick up players to fill player slots 9 & 10, pick up players MUST play RF or CATCHER and MUST BAT 9 & 10.)
  7. Batters will start with 1 ball, 1 strike, and NO COURTESY FOULS.
  8. Time limit will be 50 minutes or 7 innings. If extra innings are needed, 1 pitch format will be played and no courtesy foul given. Extra inning will start with runner on 2nd being the player who was last out. (During regulation time NO inning will start at 1 minute or less remaining on game clock.)
  9. Run Rule: 20 runs after 3 innings, 15 runs after 4 innings, 10 runs after 5 innings. (Flip/Flop rule will be used for all leagues - In the inning when the Run Rule for that particular game is exceeded (after the second inning) and the home team is losing, the home team will remain at bat and become the visiting team.
  10. Courtesy runner (any player) is allowed once per ½ inning as long as there is a last out in affect at the time of request. Note: courtesy runner does not need to be last out. Note: if courtesy runner is on base and that player is up to bat, the team will be given an out in place of his spot, the original runner will be placed on the base and the courtesy runner who was called out will return to the dugout.
  11. Home Run Limit: 3 per game, after limit is exhausted 1 up rule play will be in effect. (1 up rule is not in affect at the bottom of the last inning being played.)
  12. Current ASA approved bats will be allowed. No Senior bats allowed at any time. No shave or rolled bats are allowed at any time, all bats must have visible ASA stamp. (Score table will have an updated Non-Approved Bat List with Certification Marks, if ASA stamped bat is on list, bat is considered illegal and is banned from play. Umpires will make a call on any bats in questioned.)
  13. No metal spikes or open toe shoes are allowed.
  14. NO PROFANITY RULE. Any player/team heard on the field of play will be a given a 1st offense which is an automatic out for their team. 2nd offense by the same person/team will result in an out for their team and a possible ejection of the player(s). Call to be made by the officiating umpire. (Profanity pertains to expletives not directed at umpires or an opposing player, but uttered by a player or coach frustrated with themselves, a teammate or an opposing player or fan).
  15. Player ejections regarding sportsmanship: League Directors will decide if the player can return for the next game. If ejection causes team to go to less than 8 players needed to play, the game will result in a forfeit.
  16. Fighting is automatic ejection from the league and tournament. (Player may not be on park premises for the remainder of season and tournament.)
  17. Teams are given a 10 minute "Grace Period" for the 1st game of the night only. After the 1st game of the night there will be no "Grace Period". Game time will be forfeit time.  (in the event of a double forfeit both teams will be given a loss.)
  18. Verbal abuse of umpires, league officials will not be tolerated and will result in removal of park.
  19. NO ALCOHOL. TOBACCO, OR VAPING products will be permitted on the premises.
  20. UNIFORMS: In order to provide accurate keeping of the books, Westover sports will require all teams to have a NUMBER on the back of their shirt or jersey. If you have a sponsor NO Beer advertisements or indirect messages will be allowed on field of play, this is to include any shirt or jersey worn by any player.
  21. No outside food or drinks will be allowed. Concession stand will be provided. In the event that concession is closed Westover Sports will allow outside food and drinks. League will provide a 5gallon jug with ice water and cups in each dugout during games played.
  22. No pets are allowed on the premises. Please pass this information on to all teammates and families.  Any person who enters Westover Sports with an animal will be asked to take the animal off property. Only exception to this rule are APPROVED SERVICE ANIMALS.


  1. Potential game cancellations will be posted on Westover Sports Facebook page at no later than 4pm on game day, as well each Team Coach will be notified via text or via email.
  2. In the event a game is cancelled due to inclement weather or conditions beyond Westover Sports responsibility the game will be played on a future day, the future day may not necessarily be played on normal week game days. If the make-up game is not able to be made up due to scheduling conflicts or insufficient time Westover Sports has the right to cancel the make-up game indefinitely. (Note: Westover Sports will do everything possible to make sure the game is made up but in the event we can't all Team Coaches will be notified with a reasonable explanation.)
  3. RAIN RULE: In the event of rain, 5 innings or 4 1/2 if the home team is ahead, will constitute a game. If the minimum inning has not been met the game will be made up at a future time resuming play where the game was stopped.


  1. A starter may be withdrawn from the game and re-entered in the same spot in the batting order once. Players may not re-enter a second time, and the starter and the substitute may not be in the game at the same time.
  2. To bat an Extra Hitter (EH), a team must have 11 players present at the start of the game.


  • Any ball hit up the middle while the middle is closed and is within the pitcher’s reach will be declared a dead ball out
  • All runners must return to their previous bases in these occurrences
  • Any ball considered a hazardous safety issue by the umpire that is hit up the middle, WHETHER IN THE AIR OR ON THE GROUND, will be declared a dead ball out
  • If the ball hits the chalk or the line the ball will be declared dead and the batter will be out
  • It does not matter if the pitcher is in the box when the ball is hit through it; the ball will still be declared dead and the batter will be out
  • As soon as the ball goes up the middle the umpire will verbally declare the dead ball, batter is out
  • Any player who repeatedly questions an umpire’s dead ball ruling on a ball hit up the middle will be subject to ejection and or suspension


  1. Stealing is allowed
  2. The runner may leave base as soon as the ball reaches the front edge of home plate. If the runner leaves their base before the ball reaches home plate that runner (whichever runner left first if more than one) is out and the ball is dead – no pitch is declared.
  3. If the ball does not reach home plate (bounces in front of the plate or on the plate), the ball is dead and the runners must return to their last base touched.


  1. There will be no warming up on the infield before any game. Volunteers prep the field before each game and we would like to be considerate of their time and effort.  NO WARMING UP ON INFIELD AT ANY TIME.
  2. All pre-game warm up shall be done in the outfield before 1st game only or on the outside of the fenced in area in the designated warm up spots.
  3. Infield warm-up may only be conducted at the start of each game before the 1st inning of play, at this time each pitcher is also allowed to warm up at the pitcher's mound until the on-duty umpire or official calls time. AT NO TIME WILL INFIELD OR OUTFIELD PRACTICE BE ALLOWED AFTER THE 1ST INNING OF PLAY, THIS IS TO INCLUDE WARM UP PITCHES UNLESS THERE IS A CHANGE OF PITCHING STATUS.


  1. Fake tags are NOT allowed at Westover Sports.
  2. Fake tags are illegal in ASA and at Westover Sports, and are considered an obstruction. It is bad sportsmanship and may cause serious injury to players.
  3. Any Fake tags will be considered a warning to the player and team. The Umpire(s) will make any necessary calls in regards to "Fake Tags".


  1. No game will be concluded in a "Tie". All games will be allocated with a Winner and a Loser.
  2. In the event a team has less than 8 players to start a game and the game time has begun the team will be marked as a forfeit and the team will be awarded a lost. If the game is marked as forfeit both teams are allowed to use the field for practice or scrimmage for the time slot their game was to be played.
  3. Each team MUST have 8 of their own roster players to be an official game.
  4. In the event the ending season Standings there is a tie between multiple teams, the tie breaker will be determined by the total runs scored between the 2 teams to determine the higher seed.


  1. Tournament bracket will be determined by seeding of each Team (EX. 8 team season, 1 vs 8, 2 vs 7, 3 vs 6, 4 vs 5) or a “Blind Draw” single elimination tournament. If there is an odd number of teams 1st seed will be awarded a Bye for the 1st round of playoffs.  Men's league can be single or double elimination tournament depending on the director’s decision.
  2. In Tournament Play Home team is determined by seeding for the 1st round of play. After the 1st round of play Home team will be determined by coin toss. Blind Draw tournaments will be decided by coin toss to determine home team.
  3. An official coin toss will be a 2-flip coin toss, the 1st flip the Umpire will award each team a heads or tails position to determine who will call the 2nd During the 2nd flip whichever team won the 1st flip will call the coin to determine the outcome of who is Home and who is Visitors.
  4. Championship game: Undefeated team will be awarded home team. If the Championship game goes to a 2nd game the Home team will be determined by an official coin toss to determine home team. 
  5. Once we have reached the Championship game if both teams agree to only playing 1 game winner takes all it must be agreed upon before the game starts and the league Director and umpires are aware of the agreement. It must be agreed upon with both Teams and Coaches.  If it's not brought up it is under the assumption of the league Directors that normal tournament play is in affect meaning if the losing team wins the 1st game a 2nd game will be played to determine a Champion.
  6. If the Championship game goes to a 2nd game, the 2nd game will NOT be a 7inning game. The 2nd game will be normal rules of a 50minute timed game with run rules in effect.
  7. If a team has at least 8 players for the tournament and has confirmation that nobody else from their roster is going to make the tournament, Westover Sport will allow the team to pick up 2 non-roster players to complete the 10-player team. The approval of the 2 players must be submitted to the League Directors before the start of the tournament and the opposing teams will be notified.  The pick-up player may not be on any other team playing in the tournament (a player may not play for 2 teams in the tournament).
  8. If a team has only 10 players and a player gets injured the team may replace him with a player who is no longer in the tournament from another team, the league director will be notified and determine approval.
  9. No team is allowed to pick up any non-roster player at any time for any reason, any violation will result in a forfeit for that game.
  10. The approval of letting team's pick-up players during the tournament is to avoid teams from forfeiting the tournament. The league much rather have a team play in the tournament rather than forfeiting.  As you know many teams look forward to the tournament and we want to have the best results through out the season and tournament play. 


  1. ALL roster players are to have a CHRIST-LIKE attitude at all times.
  2. ALL roster players are to agree that while on the campus of Westover Hills they are too example the Westover Hills culture.
  3. League Directors and Staff will not tolerate certain behavior. Directors and Staff have the right to ask any player or spectator that gets out of line to leave the premises.
  4. Westover Sports would like to encourage all teams to fellowship among each other and other teams.




  1. If any team, player, spectator have a complaint, comment, concern, or suggestion please feel free to email our sports league directors.




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