Indoor Basketball Rules

Middle & High School 


Length of games:

  • 20 minute halves
  • All games will utilize a running clock format with a stop-clock in effect for the last minute of the second half if the game is within 10 points

Length of Overtime:

Length of overtime period will be played under the following guidelines:

  • One minute stop-clock
  • One additional timeout will be awarded; timeout does not carry over from regulation.
  • Second overtime will be sudden death

Length of Halftime:

Length of halftime will be 2 minutes.

Length of Pre-game Warm-up:

Maximum pre-game warm-up is 5 minutes, unless games are running behind. Officials assigned to the game can make that adjustment.

Time Outs:

Two 30-second time outs per half.

Basketball Specifications:

Official regulation size

Co-ed Rule:

Males can guard females; females can guard males.


Parents will be called upon to score keep/stats unless a volunteer is present to assist. 


Forfeits are not encouraged and will be decided on a case-by-case basis.


A player is disqualified from play after six personal fouls.


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